Pioneers in automation

With years of experience, Karismar is a reliable partner for ship systems and automation.

We can aid you in software and hardware development, and make the implementation process go smoothly.

KCCS - Cargo/Ballast Control System

kccs cargo ballast control system

SAILCHIEF - Engine Alarm System

sailchief engine alarm system

K-NLC - Navigation Light Controller

KPM - Power Managent System

VBACK - Vale Backup Modules

SAILWATCH - E0 Watchcalling - Alarm

BOILERWATCH - Boiler Retrofit System

KSAFE - Engine Safety System

AUTOLOAD - Onboard Loading Computer - Coastal Design

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Karismar was established in 1998 as a consulting company for ship automation, instrumentation, SW and HW development

Our philosophy:
We aim to deliver reliable systems with dependable support and assistance.

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Ongoing projects

1: Project - Ballast Control System - Albatross Heavy Lifter - Qingdao Beihai Shipyard

2: Upgrade of Navigation Lantern Control System - Karismar

3: Development of - FPSO Ballast and Cargo Control Upgrade - Karismar

For delivered projects

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