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Karismar have signed a contract with Quingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry. Co.,LTD

  for design and delivery of  a Ballast Control System for Heavy Lifter Albatross .  The ship is former M/T Tordis Knutsen and was used as Shuttle Tanker by Knutsen OAS. Installed was a retrofit of KCCS Cargo and Ballast control from Karismar.


The new rebuild will consist of 64 Ballast Tanks and totally 350 valves that will be operated by Karismar KCCS Ballast system.


karismar kccs ballast system

System consist of a number of Wago PLC technology and Codesys SW platform

PLC's runing Karismar Valve Control and Karismar Pump Control, KCCS Redundant Alarm Servers and a redundant network.


Totally five Operator Stations with two 32" monitors each for best type of operaton of the ballasting process.


Included is also interface for existing systems through a Karismar VDR Interface PLC to Voyage Data Recorder.


Delivery is expected completed within may 2015.

Operator will be Songa Ship Management


Karismar was established in 1998 as a consulting company for ship automation, instrumentation, SW and HW development

Our philosophy:
We aim to deliver reliable systems with dependable support and assistance.

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